Erasmus + Experience

It was my desire to take on an Erasmus + placement year to not only to test and enhance digital skills in a professional environment but also to learn how to adapt to international cultures. I worked for two startup companies in the Netherlands and in Italy. These experiences would help me in my progression in my studies and my career.


Working in both countries helped me understand the marketing culture of both the countries I was in and Europe. I had to adapt projects to suit what would be pleasing for international audiences but I arose to the challenges. At the end of both of my experiences I was recommended by both my startup companies, giving me experience and confidence that I can adapt and contribute to a variety of international environments.


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The Dogs of Amsterdam (Video & Premier Pro Project)

The startup company I worked for ‘’ wanted to work on promoting the company and the host city Amsterdam as a friendly and welcoming environment. I conceptualised a video project that would show the dogs thriving in Amsterdam’s parks as well as displaying the beauty of Amsterdam city. This video project would be called ‘The Dogs of Amsterdam’.


Using my experience in Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects and filmography, I documented a variety of dogs being active in Vondelpark and Rembrandtpark whilst conceptualising appropriate subtitles to go with the video. I also documented Amsterdam architecture during daylight, dusk and night to showcase the peacefulness Amsterdam has. The video project was highly praised by the co-founders of and gave me a great deal of confidence in more of my digital skills.

Genesys ShopAR (Blog Project)

Studying at Coventry University has given me the opportunity to access placements in Genesys to experience the professional world in digital culture. The project to work on was a new innovative shopping app that utilises AR to assist in shopping to beg the question of how technology can continue to assist us.


The Genesys ShopAR app was designed to help calculate prices, display crucial information easily and guide the shopper through the store and my task was to blog the development of the project.


I documented the meetings we had with our team, the app’s progress, meetings with Genesys officials as well as our preparation for the Genesys conference we needed to present in Pennyhill Park in Bagshot.


On the day of the event I had to help demo the app and explain the functions and concept to Genesys officials. The event was a success and my services of documentation and presentation were praised highly by Coventry University officials and Genesys officials.

Thank You Card (Illustrator Task)

Upon beginning my Erasmus placement in Italy, my skills were immediately tested. The company I worked for ‘Alteredu’ helps local clients launch digital marketing campaigns whilst assisting in digital material for clients. Partner client ‘Assistenza Tecnica Berardi’ & required a ‘Thank You’ card in Italian. As my role included graphic design, Alteredu put me to the task to see what I could contribute.


I researched the company to take note of the theme colours, typography and general business approach. Using Adobe Illustrator I created a design that would be pleasing on the eye, displays information well and promotes their company. It was a big first impression I had to make but my line-manager was impressed with what I produced and immediately gained the trust of the company.

Genesys Uber Project (Visual Studio Project)

Through previous work on the Genesys ShopAR project I was recommended to work again on another app project. This project worked on enhancing the features of the taxi app Uber with features such as finding good restaurants in the local area, playing music on the journey or to specify travelling for business. I worked on designing the home screen, the Google maps integration as well as developing both.


I used tools such as Adobe XD and Visual Studio to accomplish this task. I studied Uber more closely to get an idea of layout and design elements to include. After approval I tested utilising the features of Google Maps and the home screen implementation.


Both tasks required extensive research and multiple practices to get right but I accomplished the task. During the presentation my work and efforts were praised by Genesys officials and staff leaders at Coventry University. This gives me a great deal of confidence in my creative and technical abilities.