5-A-Side Finder (Android Studio Project)

For my final year University project, I conceptualised, designed and developed an app that will enable users to find available players with a swipe of a finger.


Whether it’s players or teams you are looking for, 5-A-Side Finder provides users with a wide variety of availability, meaning organising games are made much easier.


With this app, you don’t need to worry about that one player dropping out and disrupting the session because people ready to play are just waiting to be matched with on the app. Get swiping and get playing! Below are links to the relevant files:



APK Files

Project Folder (Emulator Version)

Project Folder (Mobile Version)

Development Blog

Lost In Time (Unity Project)

The aim of this project was to create a game demo, AR/VR experience or an artistic piece using various skills in Unity. We conceptualised ‘Lost In Time’ based in the fictional city ‘Nvwa’ where the outcome of the city is based upon the decisions and allegiances made by the player, whether the player trusts the community or trusts the politicians.


I was responsible for creating the apocalyptic outcome of the city, as well as linking the other worlds together, developing the game and being the leader for the team. It was a great opportunity to engage in new and exciting creative software and I utilised the software to have the project be of a high standard.

The Beatles By The Numbers (After Effects Project)

To demonstrate sufficient usage of Adobe After Effects, our task was to create a 45 second animated infographic on any topic of choice. I have been an admirer of The Beatles and was curious to see what their statistical achievements were so that was my choice of topic.


I researched best selling albums and singles as well as their recent appearance on Spotify to showcase a range of historical and recent achievements.


It was great to utilise animation software and I created a professional infographic through quick learning of the software. These skills can be applied for a multitude of situations that require animated infographics to showcase their achievements in a professional and pleasing way.

One Woman, Three Roles (Photoshop & Illustrator Task)

This task required us in groups to create and promote a 360 degree documentary. We chose an inspiring aunt who balances three different careers daily to help support her family including being a yoga teacher, being a carer and working in a law firm. My task was to create a digital promotional poster to be used to advertise the event.


Using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator I envisioned a poster which showed the location whilst clearly portraying the image of strength for this woman. I edited a woman silhouette to have three strong arms to represent both strength and the three roles. In the background, I added the venue called ‘The Tank’ as well as brief details of the event.


My contributions of advertisement helped get noticeability for the event which was a major success.

The Digital Age (Photoshop Project)

To introduce us to digital art, we were tasked with remixing an image to showcase the growth of digital culture whilst utilising the Adobe Creative Suite. It gives an insight into the foundations of digital art.


Using Adobe Photoshop I remixed an image of the world map in binary code and included a picture of myself to be turned black and white in the foreground. It represents that whilst we embrace the digital world more with our various social media profiles and online accounts, we lose our personalities in the process, hence becoming black and white.



It was my introduction to digital media and the vast number of routes one can take to showcase creativity and technical ability.

Sound Snake (Processing & Arduino Project)

Coding has a variety of routes and applications and we were introduced into the creative path coding can offer. Using the software Processing and Arduino we learned about how to create interactive experiences with coding art pieces or games. The task we were assigned was to recreate a classic retro arcade game using Processing and then using Arduino, make it interactive with the body’s senses.


In groups, I conceptualised the idea ‘Sound Snake’ which is the arcade game ‘Snake’ but the controls are microphones meaning the player must use their voice. I researched the code needed to recreate snake and in our hacklab, we discovered the necessary Arduino code to have it work with the Arduino microphones.


It was my first major coding project and it was a great success.

Photography Remixing (Camera & Lightroom Experiment)

I decided to push my photography skills to new levels. I tested myself when I was based in the South of Italy which has a range of beautiful scenery to capture and when I visited Birmingham. I managed to find a range of good hotspots to practice photography and remixing.


Once captured I used Adobe Lightroom to edit the photos to bring out a new light. I experimented with a variety of settings and through many trials, I found great combinations of settings to get the best out of the photos I have taken. Whilst I have a variety of creative digital routes I am interested in, I wanted to improve my photography and editing skills as well for professional reasons, considering a variety of modules and placements have required footage and pictures.